Benefits for school staff

With i-gtm school and staff have:

  • Instant overview of travel plans of all students in your house;
  • Ability to view travel plans across whole school, including siblings and ride-sharers;
  • One-click approval/acknowledgement of students’ travel arrangements;
  • Automated reminders to book to parents/students prior to each travel window;
  • Automated confirmation to students and parents;
  • Automated reminders to students pre-travel;
  • Real-time journey updates;
  • Simplify travel booking and whereabouts information gathering;
  • One-click communication with travel support team;
  • Reduce errors by connecting to school and flight databases;
  • Centralise the school’s travel booking, allowing it to run efficient, scheduled transport by funnelling students to school transport where available;

i-gtm is cloud-based and meets the strictest security and confidentiality standards.

Access to i-gtm is via staff MIS login.

Once logged in staff will see a dashboard showing an overview of future travel relevant to them.

For record keeping purposes the school needs to know the whereabouts of students in between school and the care of their parent or guardian. This may involve a multi-stage journey, which i-gtm handles with ease. 

For Sponsored (non-UK passport holder) students, it is a statutory duty for the school to know students’ whereabouts at all times while in the UK; i-gtm serves this record-keeping requirement.

Staff will be able to see the status of journeys on the dashboard. As journey updates are received by the system, they will automatically display.

i-gtm is under active development and will be constantly improved.