Born from years of experience

Our story

Having operated school travel for several major public schools, we learned of the difficulty that staff have in gathering students’ travel plans as recommended in the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools and in keeping accurate records required for UKVI. By giving parents direct access to make travel bookings via the Parent Portal, i-gtm removes the administrative burden from school staff while providing UKVI-compliant record keeping without gaps.

Over a year in development, i-gtm is now live with several major UK Public Schools with others in pre-launch preparation. The team continues to develop at an accelerated pace, responding to customer feedback while building out a feature set that is far beyond the scope of individual schools.

Student Journeys from Home to School & back

Everything we do is designed to make the process of recording, monitoring and organising the journey to and from school as easy as possible for parents, schools and students.

Whether travelling from near or far, accompanied or unaccompanied, seasoned or novice, i-gtm software gathers students’ travel plans directly from parents with just a few clicks, and passes it to school staff for verification and to your internal or outsourced transport department, like GTMatrix, for journey aggregation.

Intelligent automation simplifies booking. Our agile development team responds to your needs.