Flexible pricing & free trial

Record keeping

£600/50 boarders /pa
  • Integrated with MIS (iSAMS and others)
  • Parent/guardian login using portal credentials
  • Automated reminders to book
  • Every booking authorised for UKVI compliance
  • Whole-school travel dashboard
  • Highlights Sponsored students
  • Airline, trainline and address lookups
  • Integrated travel-day timetables
  • Build coach manifests
  • Track CO2 emissions

Taxi management

From £1/booking (paid by passenger)
  • Integrate regular school suppliers
  • Automatic booking with all suppliers
  • Taxi tracking for parents and staff *
  • Automatic ride-share discovery
  • Cost saving through ride sharing
  • Cost neutral for school
  • Bursary-ready price recital

Add-on services

  • Heathrow Airport Guardians
  • Birmingham Airport Guardians
  • Outsourced travel management
  • Locally-recruited coach chaperones

* Suppliers using API-enabled dispatch software

Visibility and control

Gain instant oversight with a whole-school view of student transit. Monitor students in transit, access past, current, and future travel plans, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Reduce staff workload

Frees up huge amounts of lost staff time by giving parents and students intelligent, wizard-driven booking form access. Gather clean data for high-quality, compliant record keeping and output that drives travel management.