1   General


In these terms and conditions:

‘Customer’ or ‘Client’ means any school, company or other organisation which licenses I-GTM’s software.

‘Staff’ or ‘Member of staff’ is an individual with staff access privileges to I-GTM and the ability to log in to the customer’s staff website.

‘Booker’ means the person who has either made a booking and/or authorised the booking on behalf of the passenger or passengers. Bookings may be made on behalf of the Booker by a member of staff. Authorisation of the booking may be made on behalf of the booker by a member of staff. In all instances an authorisation/confirmation email will be sent to the Booker and the Booker is deemed to have made the booking.

‘Passenger’ means the person or persons travelling.

‘Booking Form’ a form for recording travel and whereabouts information, also allowing an order for Services via the I-GTM platform.

‘Authorisation’ means the process of clicking a hyperlink in the authorisation email sent to the booker or nominated authoriser at the time a booking is made.

‘Services’ or ‘Travel’ means all products and services made available by us from time to time.

Transport Provider’ is a coach hire firm, licenced taxi, or private hire Company.

Driver Partner’ means a licensed private-hire vehicle driver or a licensed Hackney Carriage driver.

UM Service’ or ‘Unaccompanied Minor Service’ is a person, or persons, contracted to oversee a specific student’s travel through a UK airport.

Chaperone’ is a person or persons contracted to provide oversight of, and assistance to, students on a defined transportation route or at an airport.

DC’, ‘Driver Chaperone’ is a taxi driver contracted to oversee general student travel through a UK airport or as an escort on a coach, minibus or standard taxi.

Sponsored Student’, ‘Tier 4’ or ‘Student Visa’ refers to a visa type held by any student studying in the United Kingdom and not holding a UK passport, or to any student attending an educational establishment in the United Kingdom on a Student Visa.

The Company’, ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’ or ‘I-GTM’ means I-GTM Ltd

MIS’ means Management Information System. Software used by schools to manage the core running of the entire school, containing a database of all students and their associated parents, guardian and adults with parental responsibility.

Wherever the singular is used in these Terms, the same shall be construed as meaning the plural if the context requires unless otherwise specifically stated.


  1. I-GTM is a record keeping and travel booking software application. It enables parties to enter travel and whereabouts information into a booking form that is connected to an MIS or other data source, and efficiently and accurately record travel and whereabouts.
  2. I-GTM can transmit transport requirements to members of staff and to third party suppliers for processing.
  3. I-GTM does not provide transportation services to users. I-GTM offers bookers and passengers information and a method to arrange for transportation services, but I-GTM does not and does not intend to provide such services. I-GTM is not a motor carrier, common carrier, property carrier, or other transportation carrier. You acknowledge that your ability to arrange for or obtain transportation services using the I-GTM services does not in any way establish I-GTM as a provider of those services. Transport droviders and drivers are solely responsible for offering any transportation services which may be arranged through the I-GTM services. I-GTM has no responsibility or liability for any transportation services provided to you by transport providers or drivers.‍You acknowledge that transport providers, drivers and any other independent third-party service providers who may use the I-GTM services are not employees, actual agents, apparent agents, or ostensible agents of I-GTM in any way. You further acknowledge that any effort, feature, process, policy, or standard undertaken by I-GTM in the interest of public safety (whether or not required by applicable statute or regulation) or as a requirement of I-GTM’s contractual arrangement with a customer is not evidence of an employment, actual agency, apparent agency, or ostensible agency relationship between I-GTM and any driver.
  4. I-GTM provides a booking service as a disclosed introducer. It introduces transport requests to transport providers. It does not have an Operator’s Licence. The liability for the safe and legal operation of the vehicle lies with the Transport Provider or Driver Partner and not with I-GTM.
  5. I-GTM travel management and booking software is licensed to schools to manage their record keeping and travel operations, including allowing their customers, parents, students and employees to make travel bookings. The school and their customers will interact with I-GTM to make and manage these travel bookings.

2   Provision of Travel

a      Travel Booking

  1. i I-GTM is accessed either via Single Sign On (SSO) or by a user-created password, using the same email address as registered in the school’s MIS or parent portal.
  2. ii If the person booking is a parent or guardian, they will receive a confirmation request email to the email used to access I-GTM. The booking is not authorised until this person has clicked on the link in the email. If a taxi has been requested, the order will not be dispatched to the taxi provider until the booking has been authorised. If a coach seat has been requested, it is not confirmed until the booking has been authorised. It is the responsibility of the submitter to monitor this email address. We will not be held responsible for incorrect data entry, which includes incorrect flight information, travel times and other information critical to the correct transport of the student.
  3. iii If a student books their own travel they will nominate a contact with parental responsibility, as stored in the school’s MIS and formally registered with the school as such. This person will receive a confirmation request email to their email used to access I-GTM. The booking is not authorised until this person has clicked on the link in the email. If a taxi has been requested, the order will not be dispatched to the taxi provider until the booking has been authorised by the nominated individual with parental responsibility. If a coach seat has been requested, it is not confirmed until the booking has been authorised by the nominated individual with parental responsibility. We will not be held responsible for incorrect data entry, which includes incorrect flight information, travel times and other information critical to the correct transport of the student.
  4. iv Booking times will be confirmed with the person making the booking to their email address and it is their responsibility to communicate these details to the travelling student. We will endeavour to send an email or Teams message to the student with booking information 24 hours before travel, however it should be assumed that the person making the booking is solely and entirely responsible for communication with the student.
  5. v Cancellations are subject to the charges laid out in 2.j hereunder.

b     Student meeting protocol

  1. i If a coach or minibus carrying multiple students is scheduled for a certain departure time, it will leave at the stated time. Any students who fail to turn up or are not ready on time will be charged for the journey and will have alternative transport arranged for them which will be charged at our standard rate.
  2. ii The student must ensure that they are ready to be collected at the appointed time and are in a location where they can be easily found, or at the central collection point specified. The student should be told the time and place of the booking and should be looking out for their transport. Where the Customer has provided the student’s mobile phone number, this will be communicated to the taxi company or chaperone. Should the student not be immediately visible the driver/chaperone will endeavour to call. Students must therefore have phones turned on, charged and with sufficient credit ready to receive/make phone calls at the appointed collection time.
  3. iii If the vehicle is late arriving to collect the student, the customer or student should call the Transport Provider.
  4. iv If the Transport Provider is unable to help, the customer or student may call I-GTM Operations on +44 20 3355 2858.
  5. v Where the student is being met at an airport they must
    1. Ensure their mobile phone is switched on and able to receive calls, charged and with sufficient credit ready to receive/make phone calls at the appointed collection time.
    2. Follow the collection protocol which will be either to:
      1. Proceed to the meeting point in the specified terminal using free inter-terminal transport if necessary; or
      2. look for their name displayed on a name board held by a driver in the arrivals hall; or
      3. look for a sign with the name of their school in the arrivals hall; or
      4. look for a uniformed member of the Airport Guardians team (bright red jacket) either in the arrivals hall or at the designated meeting place, according to instructions.

c      Departures from school

  1. Scheduled coaches will depart from the central location specified by the school at the time agreed. Students arriving late for the scheduled departure will be left behind and will be charged for the full fare. We will arrange alternative transport for them if possible and will charge this according to our pricing as agreed with the school.
  2. In the case of non-scheduled travel, collection times for flights out of the UK are based on travel time to the airport plus a delay contingency, to arrive a minimum of two hours before the flight.
  3. We cannot guarantee that a student will not miss their flight. You warrant and indemnify I-GTM against any and all claims for missed flights, appointments or other claims arising from a failure by the Transport Provider to deliver the student to the destination on time or at all.

d     Arrivals (returning to school)

  1. The school warrants that it will be open to receive returning students on a scheduled coach service. The coach timetable will be agreed with the school.
  2. In the case of non-scheduled travelling students returning to school, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that the school is open and/or able to receive the student. If arrival is outside school opening hours, we will be unable to look after the student and they should be booked in with a guardian or host until the school opens.
  3. Failure to provide care of the student in the event of the school, host or guardian being unable to receive them may result in an hourly charge of £75 plus all expenses. We offer no guarantees of being able to look after the student in these circumstances.

e      Scheduled coach travel

  1. Coach(es) will be timetabled to run on specified travel days and at set time(s) during the day, with or without a chaperone on board, according to the contract of services between I-GTM and the Customer.
  2. Students must be at the designated departure point a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
  3. Boarding of the coach will be strictly controlled by the chaperone or driver (depending on contract) and all students will be expected to follow instructions.
  4. The chaperone and/or driver is responsible for the safe operation of the coach and any student refusing to follow instructions will be asked to sit separately and reported to the school.

f       Ride Share

  1. Ride sharing is selected by default, but is optional and the person booking may opt out. Ride shares will be automatically created where journeys are to or from the same or similar locations or where a logical via point exists and are within time parameters configured by the Customer. Ride shares will not be created in the following circumstances:
    1. Where the collection of students from multiple locations may cause unacceptable wait times,
    2. Where students’ arrival times to the same point of departure are different to the extent that one or more of those travelling will have an unacceptable wait time waiting for others to arrive.
    3. Between airport terminals on the way into the UK. We will not collect students from one terminal then go round to another terminal for other students. This causes unacceptable wait times and costs.

g      Route and time variation

  1. No variation to the route will be accepted, except with the express written permission of the parent or guardian. All drivers are instructed to refuse any request by the student to vary the origin or destination, however the failure of a driver to comply with this instruction cannot be guaranteed and I-GTM will not accept any liability for this failure.
  2. I-GTM reserves the right to vary the collection time, origin, destination and route as necessary depending on circumstances.

h     Seating Capacity, Passengers, Luggage and Passenger Conduct

  1. Quoted prices include carriage of one small hand luggage item (handbag, laptop), ONE carry-on suitcase up to 23Kg (56 x 45 x 25cm) and ONE hold suitcase up to 32Kg (90 x 75 x 43cm) per passenger. Additional suitcases will be charged at £20 per item.
  2. I-GTM does not accept any liability for loss. Lost property will be held by the Transport Provider according to their individual policy. The cost of returning lost property to the student will be charged.
  3. Passengers will follow the instructions of the driver and/or chaperone (in the case of a chaperoned journey). Failure to do so may result in the student being reported to the school and asked to sit elsewhere in the vehicle.
  4. On board toilet facilities will not be provided as standard, however where available the use of any such facilities is at the passenger’s own risk.
  5. School rules apply to behaviour in the vehicle.
  6. Passengers will comply with the rules and standards specified by the Service Provider. The driver has final say.
  7. Damage to the vehicle will be charged. I-GTM will recharge any valeting or other charges with the addition of a service fee.

i        Breakdowns and Delays

  1. I-GTM gives advice on journey times in good faith, however, we cannot guarantee the completion of a journey within a specific time and as such will not be liable for loss or inconvenience caused by breakdown, traffic congestion, force majeure, or other delays outside of our control.

j       Cancellations

  1. Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours before the booking time.
  2. Cancellations within 24 hours will attract a minimum cancellation fee of £10 inc. VAT.
  3. Any cancellation received on the day of travel or failure to turn up at the booked time will result in the journey fee being payable in full.

k      Provision of information

  1. The customer is responsible for providing full travel details, including travel comprising multiple stops and travel types.
  2. In accordance with National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools the school is responsible for the safeguarding of all students in its care and as such is obliged to keep records of all journeys undertaken. You warrant that you have provided full details of all travel arrangements.
  3. In the case of Sponsored Students (Tier 4 visa holders) the person booking travel for the student warrants to I-GTM and to the school that they have disclosed the full details of the student’s travel and accommodation arrangements outside the school, while in the UK. This is a condition of being granted a visa to study in the UK.

3   Provision of Services

a      General

  1. This section is to be read in conjunction with the Contract of Services (if applicable).

b     Complaints

  1. In the event of a complaint about our services you should write to I-GTM at support@I-GTM.com within 14 days. All complaints will be acknowledged within three working days and a full response can be expected within a further ten working days. If we are unable to conclude any investigations within this time, we will ensure the complainant is kept fully informed every five working days.

c      Payment

  1. All prices are subject to VAT where applicable.
  2. The cost of transport may be added to the school bill or may be paid in advance by credit card where such facility is made available.
  3. A recital showing the charge attributable to each passenger will be sent to the school
  4. Where available a base price will be specified at the time of booking. Where the base price is not available, an estimated price may be displayed.
  5. Additional charges may be incurred; these may include parking, waiting time, congestion charges, miscellaneous charges, additional Unaccompanied Minor (UM) time and additional chaperone services rendered. These additional charges will be added once known on completion or shortly after completion of the journey.

4   Charges

  1. Taxi bookings.
    1. I-GTM charges a platform fee per passenger journey. This directly relates to the communications between Client, Passengers, Bookers and Supplier. This platform fee is levied on all bookings for system-booked taxi travel. This fee pays for all functions and communications required in the procurement and delivery of system-booked travel and is included in the final price.
    2. A service API fee is charged for access to all third party services necessary in the execution of bookings with suppliers.
    3. Ride shares
      1. Where I-GTM finds a ride share for two or more pupils who would otherwise not be sharing, and have opted in to ride share, the saving achieved is passed on to the passengers, after deduction of an amalgamation fee.
  2. Coach bookings
    1. The coach booking platform fee varies on a per-school basis and is passed on to parents in an amount decided by the school. It is bundled into the price paid for the coach ticket and as such is not charged as a separate line item.

5   Disclaimer

a      Transport Providers & Limitation of Liability

  1. We take no responsibility for the suitability and quality of the Transport Provider and their Driver Partners. All are licensed by their Local Authority and as such are bound by The Department for Transport (DfT’s) statuary guidance. Should you have any complaints about the quality of the Transport Provider or the Driver Partner, you should make your complaint directly to the Transport Provider.
  2. The contract for transportation services is between you and your Driver Partner and is made at the time you enter the vehicle. We are the disclosed introducer and are not party to the contract between you and the Driver Partner.
  3. If you pay by credit/debit card, or on the student’s school account, I-GTM Ltd will also act as disclosed agent in accepting payment from you on the Driver Partner’s behalf and your payment will be received by I-GTM acting as disclosed agent on behalf of the Driver Partner. I-GTM acts as agent of the Driver Partner only (as described in these terms) and not as agent of you as the Passenger. Please note that the Driver Partners are not employees nor workers of any company in the I-GTM group; they are self-employed individuals.
  4. When you use our booking service in connection with a Private Hire journey using a Private Hire vehicle or a Hackney Carriage operating as a Private Hire Vehicle, the booking service will be provided to you by I-GTM Ltd.
  5. Notwithstanding any provisions in this clause, we are reliant on information supplied by third parties, and we cannot guarantee that such information is accurate or held. We cannot guarantee that any particular Transport Provider or Driver Partner is suitable for your purposes, and you use them at your own risk. We may remove Transport Providers or Driver Partners from our roster of suppliers on the basis of any feedback in relation to that Transport Provider but are under no obligation to do so.
  6. We do not employ Transport Providers or Driver Partners and, unless otherwise specified in these Terms & Conditions, we are not responsible for (and make no representations, warranties or guarantees as to) the behaviour, acts or omissions of any Transport Provider or Driver Partner you engage through I-GTM, or the quality of the services they provide.
  7. However, to the extent permitted by law, neither we nor any of our officers, directors, employees, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, licensees, agents, service providers or others involved in creating, sponsoring, promoting, or otherwise making available the service shall be liable for any (personal) injury, death, property damage, or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or costs suffered, incurred or paid by you, whether due to (legal) acts, errors, breaches, (gross) negligence, wilful misconduct, omissions, non-performance, misrepresentations, tort or strict liability by or (wholly or partly) attributable to the service or any of our other business partners (including any of their employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives or affiliated companies) whose products or services are (directly or indirectly) made available, offered or promoted on or through the company, including any (partial) cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or any other event beyond our control.
  8. The total amount of our liability is limited to the total amount owed or paid to us for the single journey or transfer that is the subject of the dispute.
  9. You indemnify us against all damages, costs, claims and expenses suffered by us arising from any loss or damage to any vehicle, equipment or property (including that belonging to third parties) caused by you, your child(ren), students or employees.

6   Data Protection

  1. When supplying the Services to the Customer, the Service Provider may gain access to and/or acquire the ability to transfer, store or process personal data of students or employees of the Customer.
  2. The parties agree that where such processing of personal data takes place, the Customer shall be the ‘data controller’ and the Service Provider shall be the ‘data processor’ as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as may be amended, extended and/or re-enacted from time to time.
  3.  For the avoidance of doubt, ‘Personal Data’, ‘Processing’, ‘Data Controller’, ‘Data Processor’ and ‘Data Subject’ shall have the same meaning as in the GDPR.
  4. The Service Provider shall only Process Personal Data to the extent reasonably required to enable it to supply the Services as mentioned in these terms and conditions or as requested by and agreed with the Customer, shall not retain any Personal Data longer than necessary for the Processing and refrain from Processing any Personal Data for its own or for any third party’s purposes.
  5. The Service Provider shall not disclose Personal Data to any third parties other than employees, directors, agents, subcontractors or advisors on a strict ‘need-to-know’ basis and only under the same (or more extensive) conditions as set out in these terms and conditions or to the extent required by applicable legislation and/or regulations.
  6. The Service Provider shall implement and maintain technical and organisational security measures as are required to protect Personal Data Processed by the Service Provider on behalf of the Customer.
  7. Further information about the Service Provider’s approach to data protection are specified in its Data Protection Policy, which can be found on our website. For any enquiries or complaints regarding data privacy, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at the following email address: compliance@I-GTM.net.

7   Law and jurisdiction

  1. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted according to the law of England and Wales and all disputes arising under the Agreement (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.

By using I-GTM services, you confirm that you have read and accepted these Terms & Conditions and that you agree to comply with and be bound by them.