Benefits for parents

Your parents will love i-gtm for its pure simplicity:

  • Real-time journey updates;
  • Improved ride-share opportunities;
  • Simplifies travel booking and whereabouts information gathering;
  • One-click communication with travel support team;
  • Reduces data entry by connecting to school and flight databases;
  • Centralises the school’s travel booking, allowing it to run efficient, scheduled transport, leading to reduced costs;

i-gtm is cloud-based software which meets the strictest security and confidentiality standards.

Access to i-gtm is via the Parent Portal.  If your email address is registered with Microsoft or Google you can also sign in via either of these two providers.

Once logged in parents see a dashboard showing any previous and future travel bookings. They will see a button to enter a new booking.

For record keeping purposes the school needs to know the whereabouts of students in-between school and the care of their parent or guardian. 

For domestic students, this simply means notifying the school of how students are travelling. 

For overseas students this may involve a multi-stage journey. For Sponsored (non-UK passport holder) students, it is a statutory duty for the school to know their whereabouts at all times while in the UK. Parents must notify the school of all stages of the journey in the UK.

Parents can book school transport using i-gtm. Select the transport required from the available options and the school’s in-house travel manager or third-party supplier will arrange it. All parties receive automatic confirmation and reminders and can see the status of journeys on the dashboard. As journey updates are received by the system, they will automatically display.