Student travel management software

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Travel management and record keeping – working with independent schools.


GTMatrix has been providing travel management solutions to UK Independent schools since 2018.

Over half the independent schools in the UK would fail a UKVI inspection due to the lack of adequate travel record keeping and management.

Pupils’ travel experience to school could, and should, be better managed. Schools are increasingly considering the manner of travel to school being additive to enrolment. In addition, government legislation is forcing schools to adapt.


The task of journey collation, management and operation across an entire school requires all parents to record travel arrangements, including parents picking up children themselves. The complexity of this task without the proper use of technology renders it inefficient at best.


When all journeys are recorded through one central system all travel eventualities are recorded naturally and organisation becomes streamlined, efficient and compliant.


Five years of managing school transport has allowed us to understand the issues schools are facing. Consultation with the leading school immigration experts helped scope the solution, and the acquisition of a software design team has enabled delivery of the platform.


UK students travelling to school unaccompanied are the school’s responsibility. Overseas students’ Sponsored Student (Tier 4) visas are issued by their school. The school is accountable and responsible for these students from the moment they arrive into the UK until the moment they leave again.

Amendments to the Immigration Act on 11th December 2018 clarified the safeguarding, monitoring and record keeping requirements for all UK educational establishments.


One of the key components of a school inspection is to check journey record keeping compliance. Border Force immigration officers often ask arriving students to supply details of onward travel.

ISI & Ofsted

Both bodies report to the DofE. Inspections include safeguarding and travel record keeping as key components.


Journey sharing and pooling leads to efficient management of transport resulting in improved oversight, the ability to schedule chaperone staff, reduced travel costs and lower CO2 emissions. i-gtm enables journey aggregation, highlighting sharing opportunities between houses and school years.


A simple travel booking form with access directly from your existing Parent Portal, pre-populated with pupil details and one-click re-booking of previous journeys. Automatic reminders to book and prior to travel, and confirmation emails of all actions give parents and pupils confidence.


i-gtm operates as a stand-alone application to power the school’s existing operations or as the engine behind a full-service travel provider who can manage your chaperoned coaches and in-airport chaperone team. Ask us about how GTMatrix operates for many major UK public schools.