We are delighted to announce that I-GTM is now live with Malvern College.

Malvern has been an early champion of the software and instrumental in shaping it. We have been very fortunate to have been able to engage widely with a large number of stakeholders in both Malvern and other Public Schools, which has allowed us to build a solution that encompasses record keeping and travel operations in one.

David Angus, Head of MIS at Malvern, commented, “Having recently had a UKVI inspection it is especially clear to us the importance of accurate record keeping. To be able to adopt an IT solution that answers this brief as well as takes a significant burden of travel and whereabouts information gathering off the shoulders of school staff is game-changing. We have been very specific about what a software solution would need to deliver for us and in I-GTM we have have found a team who listened carefully to our needs and have delivered. Most importantly, they continue to listen and make improvements and updates on an almost daily basis.”

Andrew Steven, Director of I-GTM , commented, “Our solution to the problem faced by so many Public Schools of gathering travel and whereabouts information for the whole school body and organising unaccompanied travel for those needing it, has been a huge and rewarding challenge. Finding the simple in such a complex web of different possibilities has been like untangling a huge knot. We are confident that having had the input and support of Malvern College and other major schools, we have been able to build a truly useful application that will be widely adopted by independent schools.”